Matias Nordin is a digital artist who explores the meeting between artificial intelligence (AI) and art. He is located in Floda, Sweden.

– I build software as well as hardware for creating both “autonomous” AI art – where the creativity comes from within the AI itself as well as tools for human-machine collaborations, a direction that I find extremely interesting to explore.

Initially I was just enjoying to explore the space of art generated by the algorithms I had written. But rather quickly I wanted to take control and explore different ideas. I do not find it particularly interesting to construct heavy algorithms that become experts at mimicking different genres or aim for photo realism, but rather prefer to work with experiments where it is clear that the “artist” lack a perception of causality and where surreal and non-physical content emerge. It is often a mesmerizing process! I also love to create minimal networks that still are able to create interesting art and keep asking myself if it would be possible to further simplify the neural nets and still create interesting content.

Recently I have also started to build hardware for controlling, or communicating, with the AI in an attempt to simply collaborations between human and machine. Typically there is often a barrier between what you have in mind and the achieved result, you rely on writing code that takes you there. I’m interested in simplifying this process to be able to stay in a fluent creative workflow. Stay in tune for updates on this project!

October glow